Our values

A French proverb says – “there is no such thing as love, there are only evidences of love”.

In this sense, it is very important for us to encourage the development and nurturing of certain values in our community, both in our words but also through our deeds.

We remind our scholarship recipients of the necessity of adopting and preserving certain values while they are young because they are the future of our nation, and we only wish for them to be better than we are.

Our advice comes only with best intentions and we ask scholarship recipients to remind themselves of these values throughout their lives.

Father Tadej Vitovnički said: “your thoughts determine your life”, and therefore we ask to carefully nurture the beauty of spirit, soul and body, because only in this way we can fulfil our full potential and realize our personal goals.

Our scholarship should encourage its recipients to be ever more diligent. And we ask them to always look at life positively and courageously.

We hope future generations will be sincerely devoted to our people. Today in Mostar, in Herzegovina and everywhere in the world, we represent our nation and therefore we should carefully nurture our traditions, culture and history. In life, knowing our own roots and heritage allows us to better understand new situations and challenges we encounter. We should always express our patriotism and national identity in a peaceful and dignified manner. And love for our nation is best expressed by helping others.

We want our scholarship recipients to be honest, take personal responsibility and keep moral integrity. At the root of the word education in Serbo-Croatian is the word “honesty”, and that is because an educated person is only one who has personal integrity. We believe that our scholarship recepients should invest in their education not only during period of formal education, but throughout their lives. Knowledge is the most valuable asset in life that you will always have throughout your life.

Serbian men and women of Mostar and Herzegovina have always been naturally genteel and respectable. We should cultivate that trait at all times.

We need to show and witness cohesiveness of our community, and the basis of cohesiveness is respect for our families. We should always be someone who adds and multiplies in throughout his/her actions, thoughts and words.

We want our scholarship recepients to learn about our own faith, but above all to live it. Faith will give you strength, will power and peace to be yourself in every situation and always. And we should never forget that love and respect for our own religion and nation is based only on full respect for all other religions and nations.